Change Britain is the campaign to ensure that we make a success of exiting the EU. This represents a unique opportunity to refresh our politics, build our economy and strengthen our communities.

Exiting the European Union means:

Borders: by leaving the EU’s Single Market we can end free movement of people from the EU and implement a fair immigration system that we control.

Laws: by leaving the EU’s Single Market and repealing the 1972 European Communities Act, we can end the supremacy of EU law in the UK.

Money: by leaving the EU and the EU’s Single Market we can end our contributions to the EU budget and spend the billions we save on our priorities, like the NHS.

Trade: by leaving the EU’s Customs Union we can take back control of our trade policy and negotiate trade deals with the world’s fastest growing economies.

£100 million/week on the NHS

Let’s spend the Brexit dividend on our priorities – like the NHS.

Campaign for a fairer Immigration System

Our immigration system must give the British people democratic control of our borders so that we can manage migration in a fair way.