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Dear Home Secretary,

One of the reasons that I voted to leave the EU was so that the Government could be in control of our immigration policy.

As Home Secretary, you will be responsible for implementing a new immigration system once we leave the EU. Will you commit to:

  • Introducing an immigration system - similar in effect to the Australian points based system
  • with a case by case assessment of skills and ties to the UK.
  • Adopting the same process for EU and non-EU migrants ending the existing discrimination
  • Ensuring that EU nationals already living and working in the UK are allowed to stay.

Brexit is a once in a generation opportunity to make this country better, stronger and fairer. As it prepares for its 2 year negotiation with the EU, the Government should do everything it can to ensure it has a strong hand. That is why it was important that the Article 50 Bill went through without amendment. But some of the issues raised in the debate in Parliament on the Article 50 Bill are so urgent that the Government should act on them immediately.

Thank you for taking this into consideration.

Yours sincerely,