We should admit migrants based on their ability to contribute to our economy, not based on where they come from.

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Be the same for everyone:
No discrimination between EU and non-EU migrants.


Restore control of our borders:
End the free movement of people into Britain.


Be good for Britain:
Welcoming to students. Allow access to the best people where we lack the skills at home.


Be responsible:
No unfair pressure on wages or short-cuts to avoid training staff in the UK.


Help protect our communities:
Protect ourselves from crime and terror threats.

Change Britain is calling for the UK to have a fair immigration policy based on a number of clear principles. A future immigration system must be be fair and apply the same process to all people regardless of whether they are coming from inside or outside the EU.

Our immigration system must also give the British people democratic control of our borders so that we can manage migration and make sure the country has the skills we want and need.

At the moment, our membership of the EU means that we are not able to manage or control the movement of people from other EU countries - but we have strict controls on people wanting to come here from the rest of the world, including countries like Australia and India with whom we have strong family ties. We are calling for an end to discrimination in the treatment of people wanting to come here and a system that is fair, that is managed and that works for Britain.