Powerful people have always tried to block our vote

It's time for change!
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The majority asked to leave: No elected representative has the right to reverse that decision.

Respect the decision: Powerful people have always tried to take away the vote from ordinary people.

Brexit means Brexit: Leaving the single market, the customs union, and restoring full control of our borders, money, laws, and trade.

We know what we voted for: We listened for a year ahead of the referendum. We’re still listening and they feel exactly the same.

If the referendum were an Election: Leave Party would have a majority of 166 seats (408 - 242) over the Remain Party.

Some politicians in Westminster have still not accepted that Britain has voted to leave the EU. In fact, many of them are working with London bankers and business lobbyists to stop Brexit from happening. Others are even calling for a second referendum.

The vote to leave the EU was the biggest democratic mandate in history. 17.4 million people voted to leave. If the referendum had been a general election ‘Leave’ would have won a majority in the House of Commons with a majority of 166 seats.

During the referendum campaign people told the Vote Leave campaign that they wanted to take control back from Brussels of the country’s borders, laws, money and trade. We have been listening again since the vote, and people still feel the same.

We can't allow a small group of wealthy people to get away with this. Powerful elites have always tried to block your vote. Now it’s time for a change.