On the day Theresa May triggers Article 50, a new poll reveals that Brits are more optimistic than ever about leaving the EU. 50% of voters believe that Brexit will enable the UK to be stronger, fairer and more prosperous; nearly twice as many as the number who disagree (26%).

Leaving the EU provides a host of opportunities for the UK. We can stop sending billions to Brussels and spend this on our priorities such as the NHS; we can create a fairer immigration system which welcomes in the brightest and best from around the world; and we can strike our own free trade agreements with the fast-growing economies of the 21st century.

Crucially, Brexit will allow the UK to begin the process of national renewal and create a robust and flexible economy which generates more opportunities for working class communities; build a more cohesive society; make politicians more accountable to the public; and strengthen Britain’s place in the world.

Commenting on the poll, Change Britain Chair Gisela Stuart said:

‘On this important day, Brits are confident that our best days lie ahead outside the EU.

‘Brexit provides us with the opportunity for national renewal: to build a strong economy and resilient communities, spend taxpayers’ money on our priorities, create a fair immigration system and rebuild trust in our political system.

‘The British people want a prosperous, independent UK. It is now our job to work together to deliver this.’


Notes to Editors

Between 8 – 10 March, ICM asked 2163 people whether they agreed or disagreed with the following statement: When we leave the European Union, the UK will be able to be stronger, fairer and more prosperous than we were inside the EU.

NET agree: 50%
NET disagree: 26%
Neither agree nor disagree: 16%
Don’t know: 8%